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These shows are designed to the age group for the children, their are 9 different programs from age 3 to 12 and up.  The birthday child becomes the magician and receives a top hat, magic wand, their friends become the assistants. 194_jahiniepark_showThis keeps the new found magician comfortable as their friends help.

Live animals are used in the shows and are completely house broken, we even get mom involved in the show by cracking a raw egg on her head and leaving it up to the birthday child to make it disappear.  Or maybe we can end the show by letting the birthday child saw some one in half ! (must be of right age of course). At the end of the show we introduce the animals used in the show to all.  Then we make wild and crazy balloon hats or costumes for up too 20 kids at your party.

The performance time is 45 to 60 minutes, cost for all 3 parts is $150.00 and covers basic travel distances (with in 25 mile radius based on departure location) if additional charges are required we will inform you first before payment is made. We come fully equipped and some times travel with an assistant on multi show days. Please note show material may change with out notice do too age of children.